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Phone: (403) 560-2601


We carry genuine HP, Lexmark among other brand names, as well as 3rd party compatible printer toner cartridges at very competitive prices

  • HP
  • Samsung
  • Viewsonic
  • Toshiba
  • Sony
  • Microsoft
  • Linksys
  • Cisco
  • Lexmark

We can source out Pre-Mature End of Lease PCs at significant savings, easily 15% or more vs. new ones.

We custom build high end silent PCs with Intel CPUs as the base platform.

With any of our custom built PCs, our service commitment within the city is for any defective component(s) under warranty, we offer same day on-site service which gives you next business day replacement part(s) for the defective component(s). So if your machine fails on Monday, the defective part will be replaced and delivered back to you by Tuesday.

For more information, please contact our Service Department.