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Custom Builds

This series of photos is for a very high end, powerful workstation, it is not meant for home users, rather, a demonstration of the quality components that we use on today's super high end professional workstation.

Our custom built PCs come with a 3 year parts and labour Same Business Day On-Site limited warranty rather than the standard 1 year warranty from our competitors.

Click on any image below to see a larger version of it.

Rear silent cooling fan and top, giant silent cooling fan with dust filter.

Front giant silent cooling fan.

Front view of front giant cooling fan, rear cooling fan, and 2 top giant sized cooling fans, all fans are using silent fluid bearing technology.

Kingston Hyper X memory with heat sink.

Dual CPU, dual network card configuration for redundant workstation.

This is the "Before" photo of the cables that come with a PC.

This is the "After" photo of the same cables that have been tidied up with cable ties.

Quad heat sink and Quad cooling fans used for Intel Xeon type CPU.

Our power supply comes with up to 5 year parts & labour manufacturer's limited warranty with same business day on-site service.

Our blu-ray disc writer is made in Japan.

Two silent, giant cooling fans in action, bringing cool air from the bottom towards the PC.

Advanced micro dust filter to block the dust from coming into the machine.

Overall view of the main components with sufficient cooling.

Front, giant silent cooling fan in action.

Embedded fan controller that regulates air flow thru out the PC.

Intermittent silent fan installed half way between the front and rear fans, the fan is slightly angled to blow cool air towards the rear side of the PC.

The cooling fan system we use is designed in Austria and it comes with a 6 year manufacturer's warranty.

The thermal compound we use on all of our custom build PCs is from Switzerland and it comes with an 8 year manufacturer's durability guarantee.

For more information, please contact our Service Department.